No more looking through stacks of resumes, screening applicants, or dealing with job postings. We'll do everything needed to put you in front of top talent so you can focus on growing your business.

Eduardo L.


I highly recommend Krisztina and her services. I am extremely satisfied with the results and I am certain that they shall bring a direct positive impact on my professional life in a short and long term. As someone with personal experience in the industry, she has the technical skills and background necessary to assist anyone seeking to enhance their careers.

Supply Chain Professional, Toronto

Lavinia L.


It's rare to come across a standout recruitment talent like Krisztina. Krisztina did a great job in connecting me with the employer and provided professional career consultation which improved my chance to secure a desirable position. I was particularly impressed by Krisztina's efficiency in setting up interviews and providing timely coaching. She earns my highest recommendation on professional recruitment consultation.

Stephanie W.


Krisztina is very passionate about helping people find the perfect fit for their career. She makes the interview process smooth by being very informative and spends a lot of time with candidates to make sure that they're the right fit for the position she's looking to fill. She is extremely responsive and works around the clock on time-sensitive matters. I would highly recommend Krisztina to anyone who is looking for direction in their career or has positions to fill.

Senior Director, TransPerfect, Los Angeles

Annemarie C.


Krisztina is a top Human Resources professional. She takes the time to fully understand her clients' requirements both competency wise and culturally and will go above and beyond to make sure that her client have options in their hiring decisions.

As her manager, she was always responsive to the needs of the business and worked with a great deal of passion and transparency.

Area Manager, Adecco, Vancouver

Salwa M.


I am extremely fortunate as I was Krisztina's first client when she started Veres Consulting. Being a new immigrant in Canada, I could not have found a better recruitment consultant than Krisztina. She was so professional, meticulous and goal-oriented in the way she helped me with my professional needs and queries. I am very lucky that she chose me to be her client. It was an absolute pleasure working with her and she undoubtedly was one of the critical success factors because of which I landed my first job in Canada.

Manager, Enterprise Hedge Accounting, RBC Bank, Toronto, ON

Nadia K.


Krisztina is by far the most professional, detail-oriented and personable Search & Placement Consultant I've ever worked with. I appreciate how she kept me updated every step of the way, always following up with me in a timely manner.

Because of this, I felt secure and confident that I was being taken care of - something that often lacked in my previous experiences with consultants. Through Krisztina, I was able to secure a fantastic opportunity and I would highly recommend her to any company or person seeking the assistance of a Search & Placement Consultant.

Development & Engagement, Peoples Group of Companies, Vancouver, BC

Rosalie R.


When I moved to Canada from USA, Krisztina worked with me to quickly find a great position in BC's insurance industry. Krisztina is unique among the recruiters with whom I have worked. She prepared me appropriately and guided me on the interview process with a debrief afterward. I will say that Krisztina’s professionalism and knowledge is what makes her successful at what she does. But even more important, Krisztina is extremely passionate about her work. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone looking to land a career-changing opportunity.

Business Development Manager, Pacific Blue Cross Insurance, Vancouver, BC

Hilary B.


Krisztina is not only a recruiter, but also a coach and an all-around great person. We all know that the job search can be difficult but having Krisztina on your side makes the process that much easier and enjoyable. She consistently gave me honest feedback, tips, and made sure I was prepared. You can feel that she is passionate about filling positions that are the right fit for both the person and the company. She always kept me up to date and would call or text before and after my interviews, so I was never left in the dark.

Account Executive, Single Grain, Los Angeles, CA

Laszlo A.


Krisztina is an experienced, strong customer focused hunter sales professional, who can leverage and highlight the sold business solutions with efficiency. I can just recommend Krisztina, as one of the best sales partners I met!

Global Strategic Sourcing Lead, SAP AG, Walldorf, Germany